1st and 2nd Grade: more colour games

Hi there! We are learning some colour names. Here are more games to practice.

Matching colours –> You’ve got to listen and click on the colour.

color game


Colour maze –> You’ve got to listen and click on the colour to create a path.

colour maze


Colours match up –> First you can listen to the colours. Then there are five different activities. Some of them are difficult. The easiest is “Match up 3”.

colour match up


Colour memory –> It’s a memory about colours. Listen carefully.

colour memory


Colour memory 2 –> It’s a memory about colours and their names.

colour memory 2


Colour spelling –> Put the letters in the corect order.

colour spelling


Colour picture test –> Choose the correct answer.

colour picture game


Colour balls –> Quite difficult. Click only on those balls that have the name of their colour.

colour balls


Colour trap –> Very difficult. A great challenge. Match the colour of the owrd with the name of the colour. Did you manage?

colour trap


Enjoy it!!


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